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Sytec Group Builds Testing
Stations, Lines and Benches for
Industrial Sectors, in Production
Environment and Laboratory.

For Sytec Group the attention to details is a must.

Sytec Group Builds Testing
Stations, Lines and Benches for
Industrial Sectors, in Production
Environment and Laboratory.

For Sytec Group the attention to details is a must.

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Sytec Group Testing Systems allows to performe technical/functional, electric, mechanical testing and stress test; a complex combination of technical examinations adequate to guarantee not only the product’s operation but also the characteristics, the compliance to regulations and eventually it helps to identify possible critical issues, in this way it is possible to intervene rapidly , saving cost and increasing performances and results.

Technical/Functional Testing

Manufacturing products that are made of complex components and configurable for every family items requires the management of a phase of initialization of the functional parameters, in order to make them suitable to the specific final product with which they will be mounted. The standalone working isle can be inserted within the productive context, removing the human error, that is much more present more the production is variable, the parts range is wide and the number of products inside the same batch is small. Among Sytec Group’s solutions there are some responding to particular requirements:

a) Multiple Simultaneous Radiofrequency Testing ( Anechoic Box ).

b) Moving Subgroups Functional Testing.

c) Dimensional Testing ( Optical Inspection ).

Electrical testing

The need to have available “general purpose” systems, easily adjustable to a wide range of products, it has led to the creation of a specific tester able to talk to a wide range of measuring tools; this is done by the Electrical Safety testing bench offered by Sytec Group The system in fact allows to customize the testing, by acting only on the adapter that houses the DUT and on the test frequency, accomplished with a script written on a high-level language.

Mechanical Grip/Security compliance

When the assembled components in a functional group fulfill a security function it is essential to check whether they are correctly mounted and the integrity of every part they are made of. Taking all this into account it has been created a testing bench very versatile, based on a pushing system able to verify 100% of products ( with different dimensional and physical characteristics to adapt to different model of final product) issuing a label once all tests for the specific model are passed.

Stress Test

The quality of a final product is made, not only by the construction techniques but also by the quality of raw materials and the quality of the project but also from the study of real case scenarios, thus it is important to build some stress-test machine able to mimic, as much as possible, the real life of a product. Applying a controlled load with adjustable trigger mechanisms, the option to act on every single part of the product and counting on the historical measured information allow to the technical office to mimic and analyze the real cases pointed out by the final users, studying how to improve the product in order to remove every critical issue.