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Sytec Group Assembly and Testing Lines include all phases of mounting/assembling, quality control and full management of the production process. According to customer’s specifications, they may feature:

  • transport systems and assembling/testing stations, manual, motorised or fully automatic;
  • specific working stations for assembling and testing of functional subcomponents, synchronous with the main line;
  • functional and electric testing stations of the finished product;
  • visual evaluation and packing of the product, with communication to the warehouse management;
  • shelves, carts and handling equipments according to Lean manufacturing.

Assembly and testing lines often include functions of control and traceability of all components. Process flow control implies processing information originating from each specialised station in the system: this guarantees that only products that have correctly completed the process, that is, the specific assembly and testing stages for each product type, are sent to the warehouse.

The focus of architectural development of the Sytec solution is the system flexibility, dozens of different finished product models even with reduced production batches may be processed. The solution uses modular components both for management hardware and software. Each work station can carry out varying work stages based on the product: even the assembly provisions may be managed to facilitate the information to the operators, shown dynamically on each station based on the model in transit.

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